About our Organization

The Telangana Arya vysya Officials’ and Professionals’ Association (TAVOPA) was bifurcated from the APAvopa consequent on the division of states and formation of new Telangana State. The TAVOPA was registered under the A.P.Societies Act, 2001 with registration No., 270 of 2015 on 1st April 2015.

The elections to the TAVOPA was conducted on 24-2-2015 and Sri. Ganji Swaraj Babu was elected as President of the Association unanimously for a period of 2 years. The President nominated his cabinet and other committee members as his team to undertake and guide the District and Unit AVOPS of the State about the welfare activities to be undertaken by them for the 2 years.

The TAVOPA has decided to publish Avopa monthly News Bulletin showing the various activities of the Association, District AVOPAs and Unit AVOPAs undertaken so as to enlighten the other AVOPAS to get inspiration and to undertake the similar or new welfare activities for the betterment of poor vysyas in all aspects. The details and the monthly issues published were furnished separately under the VASAVI Prabha Tab.

The TAVOPA has also decided to provide dwelling houses to the needy and eligible poor vysyas at moderate and reasonable rates for open plots enabling them to construct their own houses or ready made flats to occupy immediately and start their living. The details of efforts made places visited places selected for AVOPA NAGAR has been furnished separately under the captioned Tab.

The TAVOPA has also decided to launch Arya Vysya matrimonial bureau by inviting Bio-Data of eligible Vysya Brides and Bride-grooms and to maintain Data for arranging matrimonial interviews and marriages. For which a tab has been placed in the Website. For further details you may visit the Matrimony page of this website.

Apart from the above the President intending to increase the strength of the Unit AVOPAs from 91 to 200 during his resume.

Aims & Objectives:

The aims and Objectives of the Association are:

To provide intellectual, cultural and social activities amongst its members in particular and community in general.

To work and strive for the well being of its members.

To foster fraternity and promote close contact amonst the members

To promote and update the knowledge of the members.

To render guidance, service and counseling in education, service and employment matters.

To establish liaison/coordination and close contact with other State level Vysya Organisations.

To provide opportunities to the members to exhibit their talents

To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives of the Association.